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Inclusion on the lists does not constitute an endorsement from the Longhorn Cattle Society, who are not able to make any recommendations or checks with respect to the authenticity, quality or status of the outlets concerned.

Longhorn members with websites can be found here. For a more general listing please see the Herdbook page of the website

Longhorn Beef is available from the outlets listed, some of which can supply by mail order and/or have on-line shopping facilities.  An increasing number of discerning restaurants and pubs now serve Longhorn beef & Longhorn beef products (e.g. speciality sausages & burgers). Such establishments that are known to us are listed here.

If you would like us to add either your retail outlet, your restaurant or pub or if you can recommend such establishments to be added to this area of the site please let us know.

The Bollin Valley Herd

Martins Meats

Taste Tradition Ltd

Maydencroft Longhorns

Meridian Meats

Tetford Longhorns

Sheppy's Cider

Barlings Rare Breed Pigs

Susan's Farm CIC

Stud Farm Meats

The Feniton Court Estate

Dunwood Farm

Blackbrook Longhorns

Frank Sutton

Wykham Park Farm Shop

The Blackmore Vale Butchery

Logie Estate Farm Shop

Great Berwick Organics

Riverlands Longhorns

Carreg Longhorns

Castleview Longhorns

Carn Edward Longhorns

The Hawksmoor

Coton Manor Garden

Standleys Barn Farm

Wheatlands Longhorns

Huntsham Court Farm Pedigree Meats

Roast Restaurant

Christmas Hill Farm Shop

Laycroft Longhorn Farm Shop

Fishwick Longhorns

Racine Restaurant

Bradley Cross Farm

Kenton Hall Estate

Watton Farm Longhorn Beef

Gupworthy Longhorns

Halliloo Longhorn Beef

Toogood Farm Shop

The Albert Arms

The Trolls Pantry

Colletts Farm Kitchen

Doonies Farm

The Pointer, Brill

Forthill Farm

Bettys Farm Shop

Tori and Ben's Farm

Reiver Farm Longhorns

Bride Valley Farm Shop

Newbottle Estate

The Ginger Pig

The Butchery Ltd

Town End Farm Shop

Manor Organic Farm

The Gorse Herd

Spinney Abbey Farm

Whatton Longhorns

Forest Beef

Withybed Longhorns & Coopers Farm Shop

Hambleton Farms Fine Foods

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