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Sarah Coleman – Society President!

Sarah Coleman is to be the Society’s President for 2018 and 2019

Sarah first came across Longhorns when she saw them in the field of a local farmer.  She had worked with livestock all her life; pigs, poultry, sheep but mainly dairy cattle.  Her father had a small herd of Jerseys which her elder sister took over when she married, and the herd moved to Hedingham to their new farm.

Sarah was promised the first Jersey heifer born at her sister’s and she was the start of Sarah’s own herd, she was 13 at the time.  She worked all school holidays fruit picking and in season turkey plucking and gutting to pay for the heifer, straw and hay had to be collected from a mile up the road in a wheelbarrow (no luxury of a car at 13!!).  Finally one became 25 cows and followers.

A series of events culminated in the Jerseys being sold and Sarah and her husband, now with three daughters, went into sheep instead.  At the end of 1990 Sarah lost her husband suddenly to cancer and six months later she discovered she also had cancer.  It was at this point Sarah decided life was too short to not do what you loved.  The sheep went and she purchased her first Longhorn!  Tottiskay Fantasy was soon joined by two more cows with calves at foot, a heifer and a bull from Stoneleigh in 1992.  She was the laughing stock of the local farmers but she didn’t care because unloading the cattle and having cattle back on the farm was the best feeling in the world and brought new life to the place!


The herd now consists of a total of around 12 adults.  For Sarah Longhorns were the only choice, the best natured, easiest calving.  The local farmers no longer laugh as her young stock sell for more and the beef is in higher demand than many of their own.  Showing has opened many doors for the Chalkney herd and also enabled Sarah and her daughters Charlotte and Sophie to get to know many other breeders much better.

Some of their show successes include Native Interbreed Female Champion at the Royal Norfolk, being part of the winning Interbreed Group of Four at the East of England Show, having some of our cattle included in the Burke Trophy at the Royal Show, winning the Small Herd in the South East Breeders Herd Competition several times and gaining many male, female, junior and Breed Championships.


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