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Mid West Longhorn Breeders summer visit

Some 40 members, friends and three previous Herd Competition judges met at Walsgrove Farm, Great Witley, Worcestershire on 14 July, by kind invitation, to see the Witley herd owned by Messrs Goodman.  We met in the appreciated coolness of the packhouse which is the hub of one of the main enterprises of the business – some 4500 geese and 5500 turkeys.

Andrew Goodman gave us a rundown of the business with some 450 acres of arable and 200 acres of grassland, chiefly permanent pasture.  The herd consists of 55 cows with followers, all the stock is taken through to be sold as prime beef with the exception of any heifers who are retained as herd replacements.  Only eight cows in the herd are not homebred.

We first went to see a batch of turkeys which were some five weeks old and housed in part of a very large shed which had been purchased from the Ministry of Defence and has stored explosives in a previous life. Two other buildings had been used to house tanks.

We moved onto the farmyard and got onto two tractors and trailers to see the first group of cows which were running with Aberdeen Oswin who had been purchased at the Worcester Sale in 2016.  Despite the influx of people the cattle were totally un-phased by such a large group.

We then went to the other end of the farm to see the second group of cows running with Blackbook Ulric, after going through several large groups of geese.  The two enterprises work well together as the cattle utilise the turkey sheds, moving in just after Christmas.

A sumptuous tea was provided by Mrs Goodman and Duncan Handley gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the group.  Both Mesdames Goodman were give a bouquet of flowers as a gesture of thanks from the group, who also gave donations to the RABI, raising £125.






There are more photos in the Gallery

Peter Guest, Secretary & Chairman Mid West Longhorn Breeders’ Group

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