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Welcome to the Pippins herd!

New member Reginald Chester-Sterne recently bought three heifers as foundation stock for his Pippins herd.  He explains why Longhorns were his breed of choice…

I live in The New Forest and my property has what are called commoners rights. This enables me to de-pasture animals onto the open Forest upon payment of a small marking fee. Grazing by Commoner’s animals, cattle ponies donkeys and a certain time of the year pigs, keeps the Forest from becoming overgrown and becoming a wilderness. Local TB rules require 60 days isolation on my property, repeat testing, and then after marking by the Agister, they can be de-pastured onto The Forest.  I wanted a hardy friendly breed that could winter out, look good, and taste nice. I intend to have six to ten breeding heifers with calving at the same time. I look forward to seeing these magnificent animals out in our beautiful landscape”.

Welcome Reginald, we look forward to more updates!

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