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Longhorn Lovers Friday Feature – English Farm Longhorns

Who are you?
English Farm Longhorns, owned by Robert Laycock and managed by Silas Hedley – Lawrence

Where are you?
Henley – on – Thames, Oxfordshire

How did you find out about Longhorn cattle and decide they were the breed for you?
We did some extensive research into what cattle produced the best beef from a 100% grass-fed diet. We found that Longhorns were accredited by many researchers, chefs and foodies across the world to make the best beef from grass alone.

When did you start keeping Longhorn cattle?
Being at the start of a brand new venture, the first Longhorns were introduced to English Farm in Spring 2016.  They are now an iconic part of our small patch of the beautiful Chilterns landscape.

Why did you start keeping Longhorn cattle?

We wanted a very traditional breed, more than capable of being outdoors all year round and most importantly, that made fantastic beef off of a 100% grass-fed diet.  Longhorns ticked all the boxes, and they have such strong characters with a gentle nature despite their enormous horns.

What are you trying to achieve with your herd?

Through our butchery we strive to produce the most delicious beef that anyone has ever tasted.  This is attributed to the cattle’s 100% grass-fed diet and quality of life being outside all year.  Our PFLA certified Organic system helps us produce environmentally sustainable beef while improving soil carbon levels through mob grazing.

How would you sum up the Longhorn breed?
Longhorns are full of character. You get such variation in personality, colouring, and horn direction, not one cow looks the same.  They have a very quiet nature and are a real joy to be around on a daily basis.

It is also the best beef I have ever tasted!


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