Great Yorkshire Show - results

08 July 2008 The Showground, Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG2 8PW

Great Yorkshire Show
8-10 July 2008
Judge: Kerry Long

Bull born before 01.01.07
3 entries/3 forward
1st        Blackbrook Newt                    Mrs A Blockley
2nd      Dunstall Genesis                      Mrs EM Hallifield
3rd       Blackbrook Nimrod              Mr D Walker

Bull born on or after 01.01.07
4 entries/2 forward
1st        Newton Robbie                       Mr D Walker
2nd      Dunstall Hector                      Mrs EM Hallifield

Cow or Heifer
4 entries/3 forward
1st        Southfield Echo                      Mrs A Blockley
2nd      Dunstall Debbie                      Mrs EM Hallifield
3rd       Fishwick Dianthus                 Mr D Walker

Heifer born in 2006
6 entries/4 forward

        Southfield Gypsy                    Mrs A Blockley
2nd      Southfield Glimmer               Mrs A Blockley
3rd       Dunstall Garnet                       Mrs EM Hallifield
4th       Dunstall Gypsy                        Mrs EM Hallifield

Heifer born in 2007
7 entries/5 forward
1st        Southfield Halo II                  Mrs A Blockley
2nd      Fishwick Heidi                         J Close & Son Ltd
3rd      Southfield Holly II                 Mrs A Blockley
4th      Dunstall Hanna                        Mrs EM Hallifield
5th       Fishwick Halo                          Mr D Walker

Group of Three
3 entries/3 forward
1st        Mrs A Blockley
2nd       Mrs EM Hallifield
3rd        Mr D Walker

3 entries/2 forward
1st        Mrs A Blockley
2nd       Mrs EM Hallifield

Breed & Female Champion     Southfield Gypsy
Reserve Breed & Male Champ          Blackbrook Newt
Best Junior Female                                Southfield Halo II
Best Junior Male                                    Newton Robbie
Junior Champion                                   Southfield Halo II

Breed Champion Southfield Gypsy
Breed Champion Southfield Gypsy

Reserve Champion Blackbrook Newt
Reserve Champion Blackbrook Newt

Best Junior Male Newton Robbie
Best Junior Male Newton Robbie