Mid West Longhorn Breeders Group Herd Competition - Results

19 November 2006
Judge: Mervyn Thomas, Peaton Hall, Shropshire
1st Stoke Steer Natural England
2nd Harford Steer Mrs. P. Quinn
3rd Longlands Steer J. & P. Barker
Young Stock. ( Born 2006 )
1st Harford Herd Mrs. P. Quinn
2nd Sydling Herd A. W. P. Cooper
3rd Gupworthy Herd Mr. & Mrs. G. Wollatt
Junior Bull. ( Born 2005 )
1st Logan Caspar Prof. I. Craft
2nd Gorse Maharajah J. S. & J. W. Brigg
3rd Long Ash Fir S. A. Hollier
Junior Heifer. ( Born 2005 )
1st Gorse Mia J. S. & J. W. Brigg
2nd Shelborne Myrtle Mr. & Mrs. G. Wollatt
3rd Tripps Fiona D. A. Lawrence
Senior Heifer. ( Born 2004 )
1st Trench Wood Elderberry A. B. Bomford
2nd Leebarn Damson J. Barber
3rd Waltham Elissa S. & K. Wigmore
Senior Bull. ( Born in or before 2004)
1st Blackbrook Masquerade D. Sheppy
2nd Bollin Urchin Natural England
3rd Mayhill Secundus P. Mitchell
1st Charnwood Zinnia S. A. Hollier
2nd Holcombe Betty I. K. Clark
3rd Trench Wood Brimstone A. B. Bomford
Small Herd upto 8 Cows.
1st Redhill Glevum Herd W. M. C. Ford
2nd Quantock Herd Mr. & Mrs. I. Kett
3rd Ashton Herd D. Hitchings
Large Herd 9 Cows and over.
1st Logan Herd Prof. I. Craft
2nd Long Ash Herd S. A. Hollier
3rd Sydling Herd A. W. P. Cooper
Gorse Shield for the Best Large Herd Prof. I. Craft 
Sheppy Cider Co.Trophy for the Best Small Herd W. M. C. Ford
Long Ash Trophy for the Best Junior Bull Prof. I. Craft
Long Ash Trophy for the Best Cow S. A. Hollier
Natural England Trophy for the Best Senior Bull D. Sheppy
Tripps Trophy for the Best Young Stock Mrs. P. Quinn
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