NSA Highland Sheep event

12 June 2019 Sibmister Farm, Murkle, Thurso, Caithness, KW14 8SW

Peter Close kindly represented the Society at the NSA Highland Sheep event on Wednesday 12 June.  The event was hosted by Society member Stephen Sutherland and his family.

Sibmister Farm extends to 1700 acres all grass, comprises 1500 ewes, predominantly Texel x Cheviot Mules, which are crossed with Suffolk and Texel rams, and pedigree flocks of 50 Suffolk and 50 Texel ewes. The spring calving suckler herd comprises 400 Simmental x Longhorn are crossed with Charolais and Simmental bulls.

Peter took a Longhorn bull and an Aberdeen Angus x Longhorn cow with a Longhorn sired calf at foot to the event.

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