Royal Bath & West Show - results

31 May 2008 Shepton Mallet

Bath & West Show
31 May 2008

Judge: Pat Stanley

Bull, any age
5 entries/4 forward
1st        Dunstall Fearn                    Natural England
2nd      Gupworthy Harry             Mr & Mrs G Woollatt
3rd       Three Bridges Harvey    RJ Sheppy & Son
4th       Logan Caspar                      IK Clark

Cow or Heifer
1 entry/1 forward
1st        Stoke Electra                      Natural England

Heifer, under two years of age
5 entries/4 forward
1st        Logan Ella                              Mr D Hitchings
2nd      Gupworthy Honesty         Mr & Mrs G Woollatt
3rd       Gupworthy Hebe                Mr & Mrs G Woollatt  
4th       Three Bridges Hester       RJ Sheppy & Son

Heifer, over two years of age
6 entries/4 forward
1st        Ashton Gabriella                    Mr D Hitchings
2nd      Three Bridges Gwendoline RJ Sheppy & Son
3rd       Gupworthy Grace                   Mr & Mrs G Woollatt
4th       Stoke Gillie                                Natural England

Breed Champion                     Logan Ella
Reserve Breed Champion                Ashton Gabriella
Best Junior Bull                                   Gupworthy Harry
Best Junior Heifer                               Logan Ella

Logan Ella & Ashton Gabriella - Breed Champion and Reserve
Logan Ella and Ashton Gabriella - Breed Champion & Reserve Champion

Gupworthy Hebe & Gupworthy Honesty
Inseparable!  Pat Stanley judges Gupworthy Hebe and Gupworthy Honesty

Show Results