Royal Welsh Show - Results

21 July 2008 The Showground, Llanelwedd, Buith Wells, Powys. LD2 3SY.

Royal Welsh Show
21 July 2008

Judge: Phil Cleland 

Bull, any age
6 entries/3 forward
1st        Carreg Hornblower               Mr & Mrs B&M Lllewellyn
2nd      Dodsleigh Fusilier                  Messrs Vaughan
3rd       Gowy Hemp                             Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Cow born before 01.01.2006
5 entries/2 forward
1st        Charlecote Gloria                     Messrs Vaughan
2nd      Carreg Dodo                               Mr & Mrs B&M Llewellyn

Heifer born in 2006
5 entries/2 forward
1st        Carreg Gingko                             Mr & Mrs B&M Llewellyn
2nd      Carn Edward Gwinifer             Messrs Vaughan

Heifer born on or after 01.01.2007
1st        Carreg Harmony                       Mr & Mrs B&M Llewellyn
2nd      Carreg Hottentot                      Mr & Mrs B&M Llewellyn

Breed and Male Champion      Carreg Hornblower
Reserve & Female Champion            Carreg Harmony
Best Junior Male                                     Carreg Hornblower
Best Junior Female                                Carreg Harmony

Carreg Hornblower & Gowy Hemp
Breed Champion Carreg Hornblower and Gowy Hemp

Charlecote Gloria & Robert Vaughan
Cow class winner Charlecote Gloria with Robert Vaughan

Carreg Harmony
Female & Reserve Champion Carreg Harmony

Carreg Ginkgo
Judge Phil Cleland with Carreg Ginkgo and Angharad Llewellyn

Show Results