Suffolk Show - results

28 May 2008 Trinity Park, Felixstowe Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP3 8UH.

Suffolk Show
28 and 29 May 2008
Judge: John Warne

Bull, any age
3 entries/2 forward
1st        Riffhams Zodiac                     Mr & Mrs GH Wild
2nd       Chalkney Mugger                  Mrs SE Coleman

Heifer, born on or after 01.01.07
9 entries/9 forward
1st        Trelawny Amber                 AK Clarke & Sons
2nd      Riffhams Harriet                    Mr & Mrs GH Wild
3rd       Chalkney Mynah                    Mrs SE Coleman
4th       Chalkney Marble                   Mrs SE Coleman
5th        Blackbrook Rapture            Miss S Coleman
6th        Trelawny Violet                   AK Clarke & Sons
7th        Riffhams Heiress                    Mr & Mrs GH Wild
8th        Clonyard Wagtail                   Mr P Muffett
9th        Clonyard Whooper               Mr P Muffett

Heifer, born in 2006
4 entries/4 forward
1st        Wenham Glitch                       AK Clarke & Sons
2nd      Chalkney Luna                        Mrs SE Coleman
3rd       Wellhead Generous              The Marquess of Cholmondeley
4th       Chalkney Lustre                     Mrs SE Coleman

Cow or Heifer
5 entries/5 forward
1st        Riffhams Belle                         Mr & Mrs GH Wild
2nd       Chalkney Hattie                     Mrs SE Coleman
3rd        Wellhead Fiona                      Miss S Coleman
4th       Clonyard Turacao                 Mr P Muffett
5th        Parc Grace Dieu Heartbreaker    AK Clarke & Sons

Group of Three
1 entry/1 forward
1st        Mr & Mrs GH Wild

Breed Champion                   Wenham Glitch
Reserve Breed Champion              Trelawny Amber
Male Champion                                  Riffhams Zodiac
Reserve Male Champion                Chalkney Mugger
Best Junior Bull                                  Chalkney Mugger
Best Junior Heifer                             Trelawny Amber

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