Three Counties Show - results

13 June 2008 The Showground, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR13 6NW

Three Counties Show
13 June 2008

Judge: Angela Blockley

Cow/Heifer with calf at foot
1 entry/1 forward
1st        Dunstall Debbie          Mrs E Hallifield

Heifer born after 01.01.06
5 entries/3 forward
1st        Dunstall Gypsy           Mrs E Hallifield
2nd       Dunstall Garnet         Mrs E Hallifield
3rd        Warns Gill                   Mr S Gray

Heifer born after 01.01.07
5 entries/2 forward
1st        Dunstall Hanna           Mrs E Hallifield
2nd      Dunstall Indigo           Mrs E Hallifield

Bull any age
5 Entries/2 forward
1st        Dunstall Genesis          Mrs E Hallifield
2nd      Dunstall Hob Knob    Mrs E Hallifield

3 entries/1 forward
1st        Mrs E Hallifield

Female & Breed Champion     Dunstall Gypsy
Res Female & Res Breed Champ     Dunstall Hanna
Male Champion                                      Dunstall Genesis
Reserve Male                                          Dunstall Hob Knob

Three Counties Show
National Rare and Minority Breeds Show
15 June 2008

Judge: Brian Wragg

Cow or heifer, in milk or in calf
1 entry/1 forward
1st        Dunstall Debbie           Mrs EM Hallifield

Heifer born on or after 01.01.06
6 entries/4 forward
1st        Dunstall Garnet          Mrs EM Hallifield
2nd       Avonvale Glora          Mr P Mitchell
3rd        Dunstall Gypsy           Mrs EM Hallifield
4th        Warns Gill                    Mr S Gray

Heifer born on or after 01.01.07
8 entries/4 forward
1st        Dunstall Hanna            Mrs EM Hallifield
2nd       Avonvale Hyacinth   Mr P Mitchell
3rd        Avonvale Honey        Mr P Mitchell
4th        Dunstall Indigo           Mrs EM Hallifield

Bull born on or before 31.12.07
1 entry/1 forward
1st        Dunstall Genesis         Mrs EM Hallifield

Bull born on or after 01.01.07
4 entries/1 forward
1st        Dunstall Hob Knob    Mrs EM Hallifield

3 entries/2 forward
1st                                                  Mr P Mitchell
2nd                                                Mrs EM Hallifield

Breed Champion            Dunstall Hanna
Reserve Champion                 Dunstall Garnet
Junior Female Champion    Dunstall Hanna
Junior Male Champion         Dunstall Hob Knob

Dunstall Hanna - Breed Champion, Three Counties Minority Breeds Day
Dunstall Hanna - Breed Champion on Minority Breeds Day


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