Castleview Longhorns, Germany

Gut Laach, 52385 Nideggen, Germany
Phone number
0049 (0)2427 8421
The Castleview Herd is the largest herd in mainland Europe. The herd comprises of around 140 purebred Longhorns, on average there are 50 cows, 5 bulls for breeding, 20 males reared for slaughter and heifers reared as replacements. In addition every year some bulls are sold to dairy farms to run with the heifers as the Longhorn bull is very valuable as a sire of cross calves that are born without problems. The female cross makes an excellent suckler cow and the male calves are sold to commercial fattening units. During the last couple of years there was a strong interest into the breed and purebred animals have been sold to start new herds in Germany, Holland, Poland, Luxembourg and Belgium. There are inquiries from Australia and the United States for semen and embryos as well as for livestock from several European countries.
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