Christmas Hill Farm Shop, Suffolk

Station Road, Lakenheath, Suffolk, IP27 9LN
Phone number
01842 862068
Along with the purchase of the farm in 2015, Thomas Clayton & Sophie Hughes also purchased a beautiful herd of home grown Longhorn cattle. With this herd already being grown on the farm, it only felt natural to acquire them alongside the stunning countryside this farm has to offer. Grass fed on the farms oldest pasture fields, these cattle have had a superb life growing in their natural surroundings and being cared for by stockmen Iain Stephens and Colo Galarza. With their knowledge and care for these animals, they have managed to produce a wonderful finished product which not only produces some of the most flavoursome meat of all the breeds but also provides a magical vista for visitors of the farm to be able to see exactly where their meat comes from. As members of the Longhorn Cattle Society, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest herds and breeding programs for our stock improvements
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