Withybed Longhorns & Coopers Farm Shop, Worcestershire

Coopers Hill Farm, Coopers Hill, Alvechurch, Worcestershire, B48 7BX
Phone number
07837 690568.
The "Withybed" herd of English Longhorns based at Coopers Hill, Alvechurch manage many reserves across Worcestershire for Wildlife Trusts, National Trust and private bodies throughout the grass growing period. This is conservation grazing as the project sites are usually SSSI's (Sites of special scientific interest), SINC's (sites of importance for Nature conservation) LNR's, NNR's (local & national nature reserves) The cattle are on site to assist in management by grazing, discouraging growth of scrub by browsing, and encouraging biodiversity. Newgap Ltd the farming company are approved producers with the PFLA. Coopers Farm shop selling "Withybed Traditional Beef" is now accredited as a butchery oulet for PFLA beef.
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