Coton Manor Garden, Northamptonshire

Inspired by a visit to Rousham House where Longhorns seemed to fit the English countryside perfectly, Ian & Susie's dream to see Longhorn cattle in the fields surrounding Coton was fulfilled in July 2008 with the arrival of Hattie & Hilary. The meat is locally butchered and hung for 3 weeks. Top Rib, Topside, Top Rump (Bed of Beef), Silverside, Brisket, Shin of Beef, Braising Steak, Stewing Steak and Mince all available

Location: Coton Manor, Coton, Northamptonshire, NN6 8RQ

Telephone: 01604 740219

Email: pasleytyler (at) cotonmanor (dot) co (dot) uk


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