First Herdbook of the Longhorn Cattle Society


First Herdbook reproduction planned!

In 2018 the Society celebrates the 140th Anniversary of the publication of the first Herdbook and therefore the formalisation of the breed.  In order to recognise this, it is proposed that a facsimile edition of the first Herdbook be produced.  It will look and feel as close as it is possible to get to how it would have been when it was first printed in 1878.  It is understood that there are only five original Herdbooks in existence!  The cost of the facsimile Herdbook will be dependent on the number ordered by members but it is hoped the cost can be kept below £25.

The first Herdbook is an A5 publication totalling 176 pages, including

Officers of the Society
Rules and Regulations
A History of the Breed to date - 37 pages of fascinating information about the origin of the breed starting at around 1720.
A list of 286 registered bulls, including 8 illustrative plates
A list of registered females, including 3 illustrative plates
A list of breeders (76 in total)

If you are interested in buying one (or more!) copies of what is a unique
record of the Longhorn breed please email the office.  Closing date is 31 January 2018 in order to produce the Herdbook in it's anniversary year.