Society photo competition - back for 2024!


Every couple of years the Society organises a photo competition for our members.  In 2022 we repeated the highly successful format of posting the photos on Facebook and the number of likes determining the category winners.  This was a huge success and was really popular, so we’ll be doing the same this year.
Entries close on Monday 23 September, so you’ve got all summer to get some fabulous photos taken, all the entries will posted to Facebook soon after.
This year the photographer of the picture with the most overall likes will win a fabulous prize – a complementary half day on-farm photoshoot with Chrissie Long from Country Girl Media*
The categories are below, and may be split of there are sufficient entries.
1.  Posed animal (cow & calf count as one unit) - haltered or free
2.  Small herd (ten animals or under) in a landscape
3.  Large herd (over ten animals) in a landscape
4.  Longhorns at shows
5.  Humorous: members and/or cattle
6.  Longhorns in commercial setting e.g. pedigree bull with commercial cows, suckler cows, stores/prime stock
1. Closing date for entries is Monday 23 September 2024
2. No entry fee
3. All photographs must be taken by members of the Longhorn Cattle Society.
4. No photographs from professional photographers allowed.
5. No photographs that have been entered into any previous competition allowed.
6. It will be a condition of entry that photographs entered may be used by the Society for any purpose without fee.
7. Entries must be sent to the Secretary by the closing date giving full details of which class/es are being entered.

How to Enter
Entries can be sent to the Secretary by memory stick, email, FTP (such as Dropbox or WeTransfer) or WhatsApp.  In each case each photograph must be identified with the members’ name and the class being entered.  If you are sending photographs by email do check with the Secretary that she has received them if you don’t get an acknowledgement as sometimes big files don’t make it through the spam filter!

*in the UK

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