Veterinary medicine usage study


The Moredun Research Institute looking to recruit beef farmers for a Scottish Government project on veterinary medicine use.

The project is essentially aiming to use medicine records as a proxy for disease exposure - if it is known what an animal's been treated with, a good idea of what diseases an animal has been exposed to or is likely to be exposed to can be extrapolated. With enough medicine data from enough farmers, Moredun will be able to build a picture of the prevalent diseases across Scotland. By linking the data to abattoir records, they can also look at the effects of disease exposure on animal performance.  

Moredun are lookin for UK beef farmers (they're not restricted to Scotland) who keep medicine records in an electronic format - e.g. using a farm software package - and who are willing to share some of this data with them.

Any interested farmers can sign up for the project here:  

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