East of England Country Show - results

13 June 2008 East of England Showground, Peterborough PE2 6XY.

East of England Country Show
13 June 2008
Judge: George Young

Bull, born before 01.01.07
2 entries/1 forward
1st        Blackbrook Philosopher       Mr & Mrs JW Stanley

Bull, born on or after 01.01.07
4 entries/2 forward
1st        Blackbrook Rochester          Mr & Mrs JW Stanley
2nd       Chalkney Mugger                   Mrs SE Coleman

Cow, in milk or in calf
7 entries/3 forward
1st        Cholmondeley Xaviera         Marquess of Cholmondeley
2nd       Chalkney Justice                    Mrs SE Coleman
3rd        Blackbrook Iona                    Mr & Mrs JW Stanley

Heifer, born in 2006
7 entries/2 forward
1st        Chalkney Luna                         Mrs SE Coleman
2nd       Wellhead Generous              Marquess of Cholmondeley

Heifer, born in 2007
6 entries/4 forward
1st        Blackbrook Rhyme                 Mr & Mrs JW Stanley
2nd      Trelawny Amber                      Mr AK Clarke
3rd       Trelawny Violet                       Mr AK Clarke

Breed and Male Champion      Blackbrook Philosopher
Reserve and Female Champion        Blackbrook Rhyme
Male Junior Champion                        Blackbrook Rochester
Female Junior Champion                   Blackbrook Rhyme

Champion Junior Bull - Native Breeds
1st  Blackbrook Rochester                Mr & Mrs JW Stanley

Native Breed Reserve Champion
Blackbrook Philosopher
             Mr & Mrs JW Stanley
Interbreed Beef Group of Three
1st   Limousin Group
2nd Mr & Mrs JW Stanley

Interbreed Exhibitor Bred Pair
1st Shorthorn Pair
2nd Mr & Mrs JW Stanley

Interbreed Beef Teams of Four
1st Mr & Mrs JW Stanley & Mrs S Coleman

Cow class - East of England 2008
Cow class

Blackbrook Rhyme - Reserve Breed Champion East of England 2008
Blackbrook Rhyme - Reserve Breed Champion

Blackbrook Philosopher Breed Champion East of England 2008
Blackbrook Philosopher - Breed Champion

Native Breeds Day
Sunday 15 June

Judge: Mr R Venner

Bull born before 01.01.07
15 entries
1st     Beef Shorthorn
2nd   Beef Shorthorn
3rd    Blackbrook Philosopher        Mr & Mrs JW Stanley
4th    Beef Shorthorn

Bull born on or after 01.01.07
1st     Aberdeen Angus
2nd   Blackbrook Rochester            Mr & Mrs JW Stanley
3rd    Chalkney Mugger                      Mrs  SE Coleman
4th    South Devon

1st      Aberdeen Angus
2nd    Blackbrook Iona                        Mr & Mrs JW Stanley
3rd     Lincoln Red
4th     South Devon

Heifer born in 2006
1st      Beef Shorthorn
2nd    Lincoln Red
3rd     Beef Shorthorn
4th     Chalkney Luna                             Mrs SE Coleman

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