Showing Workshop report

07 April 2018 Lower Lawn Farm, Wotton Underwood, Nr Aylesbury, Bucks, HP12 0RX

Aound 30 members attended the Society's showing workshop on Saturday 7 April 2018, held at the Pointer herd, Lower Lawn Farm, Nr Ludgershall, Aylesbury, by kind permission of David Howden and his stockman Jamie Brewer.

Jamie presented us with a number of heifers and bulls, all of whom had been shown but were still in their ‘working clothes' for the winter.  The merits of each animal was discussed, along with the feeding and management of Longhorns for the show-ring, with an emphasis on feeding and feet, alongside good conformation and temperament.

Joe Clark demonstrated trimming and clipping a heifer to enhance her attributes and then members were invited to have a go at clipping a heifer to get the feel of what to do.

After lunch Adrian Clark explained and demonstrated ‘soaping' and then four heifers were led by four members and everyone else had a go at placing them and then explaining their placings.  Angela Blockley acted as head judge for the day and gave her reasons for putting the animals in the order she had.  There was plenty of discussion about why cattle had been placed in a certain order and it highlighted that showing is very subjective!

Throughout the day lots of questions were asked and everyone learned a lot of useful tips and pointers for putting into practice in their own herds when they have a go at showing.

At the end of the workshop everyone was invited to view the rest of the Pointer herd before heading home after a busy day.

The Society's thanks go to David Howden, Jamie Brewer, Joe and Adrian Clark and David and Angela Blockley, and to everyone who attended and made the day so successful.



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